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Chinese New Year with OGs

The year of the pig is soon upon us and many of our students will be celebrating on February 5th. But what does it all mean? Why the traditional red decorations and firecrackers?

Well, long long ago there was a big monster named Nian who lived at the bottom of the sea. Until Chinese New Years Eve when he would come up and feast on humans and animals. One year, the villagers managed to scare him away with their red decorations and firecrackers. Roaring with anger it ran away leaving their homes still standing and the population intact!

So deck the halls with red paper and sound your firecrackers at midnight to stop the monster coming to get you and your students. Our guardians will protect their students by gifting them with red gifts and trinkets – all in the name of safety of course.

 I understand that Nian has since been spotted in the English Channel…


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  1. Matt says:

    In 2019 Chinese New Year festival falls on Feb. 5. It is the Year of the Pig according to the Chinese zodiac, … Chinese New Year Animals – 12 Zodiac Signs.

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