Guardianship package pricing

School and Main Package Pricing

PackagePriceDescription (For a full breakdown of services visit our services page)
Premium Plus Guardianship£5040 annually
£1782 per term (Includes 20% VAT)
Our Premium service is for when you need extra peace of mind. It is designed for children under 14 years old or for those with special requirements. It
includes visits 7 visits per term ensuring their wellbeing.
£3590 annually
£1323 per term (Includes 20% VAT)
This is our standard and most popular package. It offers students a high level
of support and care during their studies, including 4-5 visits per term. Suitable for all children over 13 years old.
£2394 annually
£900 per term (Includes 20% VAT)
For more independent and self-sufficient students. Includes a minimum
of two visits per term/ six per year.
Extra PackagePlease contact us for more informationAdditional ‘add-on’ package that can be combined with any of the above packages. EP includes translation by a native speaker for contact with students, full translations of termly reports, as well as up to 3 hours monthly contact between the native translator and parents.
*where the school is more than 100 miles from the airport, package prices may vary. Please enquire when booking.

University Package Pricing

University Package A£1,134 annually
(Includes 20% VAT)
£444 per term
(Includes 20% VAT)
For university students needing greater support, including a termly visit:
• One visit per term, with termly updates to parents.
• Monthly email and text contact.
• University paperwork completed.
• Emergency contact.
• Arranging airport transfers when the student arrives and travels home. For students taking the annual package, one transfer* will be included.
• Medical support with signing up for university healthcare and arranging appointments eg, dentist as needed.
• Ensuring biometric residence permit (BRP) is obtained and police registration is carried out.
• Practical support eg, opening a bank account.
• Point of contact at the point of settling in with someone who knows the system.
University Package B£198 per term
(Includes 20% VAT)
For more independent university students who require a guardian
• University paperwork completed.
• Monthly email and text contact.
• Emergency contact.
• If a visit is needed a charge will apply.
• Arranging airport transfers when the student arrives and travels home

  NOTE: Our company is VAT registered. This means that a 20% charge is applicable to all invoices sent to individuals. The prices shown include VAT. This charge is not applicable for overseas agents or individuals using a business address. All students are required to pay a non-refundable £180 registration fee (inclusive of VAT). The School Packages incur a £1000 expenses deposit and the University Packages incur a £500 expenses deposit with the deposit balance refundable at the end of the guardianship period